Sex with out a condom.
Slutty sophomore/junior : I love rawdoggin it
by madtown crew September 20, 2005
Top Definition
when you fuck with no condom
I raw dogged that bitch and blew it all up in her.
by Richard Long April 12, 2003
Sex without using lubrication.
I ain't have no lube, rawdoggin it in that ho.
by Z3RO26 April 01, 2008
when you fuck somthing with no lubrication.
I raw dogged the shit out of it.
(Verb)- the act of pulling back your foreskin constantly to decrease crust building up in your covered wagon
"Yo bryan why are you raw doggin it" says Greg
"Shit man im gettin rid of crust on my not normal dick" replies Bryan
by Bubba Albright December 05, 2009
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