AKA: The Crotch, or the Rotting Crotch. Shit school in a shit place filled with shit people. Most of the people there are little stuck up rich kids, whose parents let them do whatever the fuck they want. They're only good for getting beer and drugs (with their parents' money, of course.)
If you meet a snob who goes to school in North Raleigh... they most likely go to Ravenscroft.
by gl1000 January 15, 2009
home to faggots with big ego's like the one posted in deffinition 5. Your not richer than us, your parents are, and ur deffinatly not more athletically inclined rofl, ive seen the special olympics teams play better games than ravenscroft
ravenscroft is for faggots.
by ethreats March 05, 2005
A gay ass school that continually refills its ranks with good for nothing preppy faggots. highest collection of mommas boys in the South. Ravenscroft is also known for some of the ugliest cheerleaders in the world who contnually take their note taking pen and paper when they have a chance to watch the Crusaders cheerleaders. Horrible in sports, except the ones in which the buy players. all occupants officially douchebags.
take a look at anyone of the range rover, m3 driving douches
by bill gooden February 18, 2005
everyone who goes to ravenscroft is needs to use all that "more money" they have to get plastic surgery because they are ALL ugly as shit.
to see how gay ravenscroft people are, just refer to the earlier definitions written by them.
by caanrnliye May 01, 2005
ravenscroft is a stupid school in north raleigh filled with preps,snobs, ugly cheerleaders, terrible athletic teams, and illegaly recruited athletes. also talk to their athletic director about intentionally failing his son(football player...duh) so he could have another year of eligibility.
gibbons has better cheerleaders, athletic teams, and is overall just a better school than ravenscroft
by anonymous m September 23, 2006
aka:people with daddy's money. A school home to little girls with parents who have inherited money from their parents, who have inherited money from their parents...etc. As for athletic ability, this is a school who tries to hard and still sucks. However, this school(unlike gibbons)does have a lot of hot, well-dressed, funny guys. If you are looking for a bf i suggest here, woodberry, amd a few choice guys from BHS. Through years of cotillion these boys have awesome manners, looks, and...money.
girl 1:i like me some croft boys
girl 2:oh same
by anonymous May 06, 2005
preppy white school in raleigh, north carolina. keep hating on us and saying what you want. but it doesnt change the fact that we're still richer, smarter, more atheltically inclined, and basically just better than you.
we're better than you
by sunset February 27, 2005

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