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Refers to the soiled, vestigial mixture of dirt, sweat, spit, and other substances or liquids collected at the bottom of one's Jncos, Kikwears, or other wide-legged pant cuffs at the end of a night, or early morning, of partying or raving, particularly in a warehouse. Other materials collected on pant cuffs include globs of chewed gum, or even stickers that have come off candy ravers' sweaty faces and fallen to the floor. Rave funk is often accompanied by a dreadful scent mixing perspiration, mud, wet feet, Vicks Vapo Rub, or perhaps lotion, if one was rolling around in an e-puddle earlier that night.

After we emerged from the Home Base warehouse into the parking lot at 8 a.m. after a long, bass-filled night of San Francisco trance, I looked down as I dragged my Adidas Shell-Toes across the pavement and realized I had rave funk covering the bottoms of my pants.
by Cheri Lucas January 30, 2008
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