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Residual pieces of feces, usually caught upon ass hairs, which surprise an ass muncher in the middle of their business. Coming in a variety of sizes, they may escape even the most scrutinizing eyes of a veteran ass eater and give them a mouthful of a dirty surprise.
A rare version of the raunchy butt fruit remains just inside and behind the sphincter and emerges defiantly upon anal stimulation - these are the most notorious of anal 'fruits'. Upon encountering, most anal adventurers will pull back in revile and discontinue such explorations for an extensive period of time, usually upon the stipulation of prooving sanitary conditions before excursions are begun again.
Guy: (upon eating the asshole of their significant other they discover the dingles) Holy fuck! Raunchy butt fruit! (Vomits)
Girl: Ohh my god! (flushes) I'm so sorry honey!
Guy: (finished vomitting) Holy hell that was disgusting! Have you ever heard of wiping you dirty fucking whore?!
Girl: (cries)
by godlius December 28, 2008
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