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Where a group participate in the joint venture of kicking a football at the 'loser' of a game or sport; commonly 1T 1B.
-The consequential result of being the first person to make the given number of mistakes (generally dictated the number of letters in the designated word for that game; i.e. donkey (6 mistakes)) during a game of '1T 1B' an adaptation of football 'keepie uppies'.
Gylo, you have 'donkey', you must now receive rapps.
by Charlie VB May 11, 2006
A word or term used to refer as a quick "rapid" ride on your motorcycle.
"Hey man, do you wanna go for a rapp ?"
"Sup!, do you wanna take my bike for a rapp ?
by Fr3@k0 April 28, 2009
Poor bastard
Man that kid is a Rapp
by Rickety Rider June 13, 2004