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A term used to describe the extent to which an individual or organization successfully dominates a situation.

Note: Can be used as an adverb or verb.

Peter: How did you do on your exam?
Ali: I totally rapeasaurus rexed it!


Dan: Did you hear about that hostile merger?
Bob: Yeah...dude totally, rapeasaurus rex!
by Myxomatosis is the new up November 10, 2009
Any oversized mode of rapist transportation. For example, a rape school bus or rape tractor. Generally containing various chains, ropes, candies for the kids and binoculars for finding your victim.
Holy shit look at that school bus... the windows are all blacked out and there's some creepy bastard driving it with his penis out. That's gotta be a Rape-a-saurus Rex!
by Rape-ass-soreness Rex September 10, 2012
The act of unwanted sex by a Tyrannosaurus-Rex.
I was hurting bad the next day after I got Rapeasaurus-Rexed. HELP! RAPEASAURUS-REX!
by Dr.Ian October 10, 2012
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