Tights (usu. black) which are worn by a female girl. They fit so tight around her nice arse that it causes certain male boys to think dirty thoughts. Mostly worn by hoes, running chicks, gay men, fat chicks, and girls that have no idea they are showing off their hot legs because they are not hoes, but still dress like they want it in the arse.
Sir #1: Ezekiel, dost thou see the matriarchal persona clad in immodest hosiery?

Sir #2: Why yes, son, I dost. Let us forsake our ways and scamper after the bitch in the rape pants.

Bitch: mmmm i'm a ho and i run and i'm fat and i want it in the arse, and i'm a gay man. come get me, Jedediah.
by friend of dookie of skeetrvile December 12, 2010
Top Definition
commonly referred to as RPs, this is another phrase for leggings.
"Dude check out that chick with the rape pants! OH MY GOD!"
by Control_sauce February 16, 2010

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