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1.Expletive used when something goes wrong and turns out to be rather unpleasant or simply after unfortunate event(s). see "fuck a duck" or "shit the bed" 2.Expletive used when something incredibly surpising happens. See "holy shit" or "no way"
-Alek learns Conor intends to share a sleeping bag with him during a large campout. Alek says, "Well, rape me with a brick."
-Danielle disovers her house has been egged/t.p.ed for the sixth time that month and for the second time that weekend. "RAPE ME WITH A BRICK!" she exclaims.
-A lazy employee at a pizza place stares in amazement at an employee that can run the make table by themself and does so without bitching. "Rape me with a brick," the lazy employee says.
by Pimp Masta' C Fly Beautiful July 05, 2006
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