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sometimes at the end of the night, men make a mad scrable to get layed before all the pussy passes out. this may cause the females to pull a desperate move called the rape escape. the rape escape is most commonly used at after parties, as the bar is closing, or when there is a higher ratio of males than females. it may incluse sneaking away and driving home, running away with your best friend down a back alley, or just doing whatever it takes to get away from horny dudes.
"damn we thought these guys were gonna smoke us out, but they were just trying to get some poon. we had to pull a rape escape!"

girl 1 : "did you end up hooking up with that dude from the bar?"

girl 2 : "nawww, girl. he tryed to kidnap me so i had to pull the rape escape!"
by nonosnoseknows September 10, 2011
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