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A woman that just like a used range ball she may be hot or not but you'll hit it and if you lose her, you don't mind it because you will find another.
Mark- "You still banging that range ball ya met at the bar"
Brent- "Nah, she stopped calling but I found another last week."
by ottomatic6 July 12, 2008
An ugly chick you bang because you need pussy. A rangeball is like those busted yellow golf balls you hit on the driving range. You hit the rangeball to practice for the real course, you hit it once and you never see it again until you need it.
Bro: hey bro you get some pussy last night?
Harry: yea man just brought the wood to this rangeball samantha
Bro: dang dude I hit that shit 300 yrds last week, we need to stop fuckin with rangeballs
by therealesthk October 01, 2010
A used golf ball you find while golfing that if you hit it and lose it in the woods you don't mind it.
Mark- "Did you find your ball?"
Brent- "No, don't worry it was just a range ball, no big deal I'll find another to replace it."
by ottomatic6 July 12, 2008
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