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Someone who accepts their life journey as it comes. Any challenges that come their way, they are unfazed by. They are the ones that carry on their troubles and throw them to the side.

The history can be linked to a popular Grateful Dead song titled, "Ramble on Rose."
Jerry: Did you hear what Katherine said to Summer last weekend?
Zack: Yeah, such a shame. I thought they were good friends.
Jerry: I know! I heard Summer is fine though, she's such a Ramblin' Rose.
by Washedaway August 19, 2013
This word is commonly used to describe a female who cant stick to one guy or partner. This female may or may not have whore-ish ways.

It can also be used as:
A female who doesn't stick to one thing.

A female always changing their mind about almost everything.
Donna: Jake, I think its over between you and I.
Jake: WTF! We only started dating for like 5 days.
Donna: Yeahh, I know. But I think I like another guy. =) His name is Bob. It was like love at first sight!
Jake: Then you're a Ramblin' Rose, sweetheart!

1 week later

Donna: Bob, I think its over between us.
Bob: WTF! We only dated for a week.
Donna: I know. But I like this other guy.
Bob: you think?
Donna: yeahhh
Bob: You a Ramblin' Rose... smh!
by DCgal4495 January 06, 2011
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