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A famous British actor, brother of actor Joseph Fiennes.
Starred in films like, the English Patient, Shindlers list, The Constant Gardener and Red Dragon. Very talented actor also incredibally sexy.

Name pronounced RAFE FINES
1. Ralph Fiennes deserved an Oscar for Shindlers List
2. Ralph Fiennes is sexy as hell.
by KittyKatVoodo September 23, 2006
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The sexiest human being to ever exist. Also an incredibly talented actor who is often cast as an antagonist. Notable movies he starred in include Schindler's List, The English Patient, The Reader, and the Harry Potter movies. He's British and his name is pronounced RAYF FINES, not Ralf Fee-en-ez. Did I mention he's SUPER sexy? He's the epitome of sex.
Why the hell hasn't Ralph Fiennes received an Oscar yet?
by fiennesxme July 22, 2011
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