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a weekly web series about gods from Norse Mythologywho go to high school created by some Long Island, NY film students.
"Hey, whats that show where Thor plays basketball?"
"Oh, its called Rainbow Bridge"

"You know whats better than living?"
"Rainbow Bridge"
by Jason Jellyfish May 04, 2009
9 3
Where cats go when they die; this belief seems to be held by many cats on cat run websites.
Poor Thomas McToonsey is now playing across Rainbow Bridge now.
by Vee Are Are Schee February 06, 2005
44 19
a bridge in tokio,japan
the bridge between odaiba and the rest of tokio, is called rainbow bridge.
by queen hana February 24, 2006
16 13
when two (or more) dudes are masturbating or having sex together and cum at the same time, causing a bridge of cum
"Last night Paul and I made a rainbow bridge together in that circle jerk"
by troggy March 05, 2007
8 27