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1) An awesome girl who normally likes rock music and is very sexual. She is a great friend, though she loves the number 69.

2) Normally associated with liking boys that go by the name of Mohammed (momo) or Hashim. A very good friend.

3) "Lamb of God". - taken from a website.

4) Often a person with Raibies.
1) Ranma: what's your number?

Riabi: 07696969696

Ranma: ugh stop doing a Raiba!

2) Susan: oh my gosh, did you see momo earlier? he's SO cute!

Friend: oh god you're such a Raiba!

3) Mike: dear mother of God, this lamb is amazing!

Panji: it must be Raiba!

4) Sam Chipchase: i have raibies.

Jaffa: stop being a Raiba, jeeze!
by Johny Carrot November 19, 2012