see rico or boner
Ruben's cousin gave me a raging rhino.
by Darren Sutton April 02, 2003
Top Definition
The act in which you are having anal sex with a lover/slut, pull your penis out, and you take a few steps back. Then you run forward and try to thrust your erect penis into her anus like the horn of a raging rhino.
Michael Moberly tryed to raging rhino his fuck buddy, but he can't aim for shit so he missed and broke his penis.
by Dirty D Hole December 19, 2009
*ANY* fat bitch, but particularly the one you are married to.
Sorry, can't go out. The raging rhino is back from vacation.
by Just another married guy September 07, 2003
fat bitched named ali that came from africa
"OH SHIT! run for the hills!! its the raging rhino!!!!"
by ali u fat rhino March 09, 2003
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