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When a female is on her period.
"Why are you so grouchy?? Are you raggin or what?!"
by Tampax November 26, 2004
To make fun of in a demeaning manner.
Man, they was all raggin on my new kicks.
by thriller July 31, 2003
another word for 'shagging'
oi alden wod u rag me?
by minX July 11, 2005
To push an automobile to its limits and capacity, possibly doing damage in the process
"Wheres Kev?"
"Hes in his new XRi... giving it a reet raggin'!"
"Raggin it!"
by Rob K, Sheffield January 20, 2005
A lie... A Long drawn out story that the listener knows is a lie from the very beginning
Oh you slept with 5 girls at the party last night… Raggin!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Asain Vixen April 11, 2008
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