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To push an automobile to its limits and capacity, possibly doing damage in the process
"Wheres Kev?"
"Hes in his new XRi... giving it a reet raggin'!"
"Raggin it!"
by Rob K, Sheffield January 20, 2005
When a female is on her period.
"Why are you so grouchy?? Are you raggin or what?!"
by Tampax November 26, 2004
To make fun of in a demeaning manner.
Man, they was all raggin on my new kicks.
by thriller July 31, 2003
another word for 'shagging'
oi alden wod u rag me?
by minX July 11, 2005
A lie... A Long drawn out story that the listener knows is a lie from the very beginning
Oh you slept with 5 girls at the party last night… Raggin!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Asain Vixen April 11, 2008