To quit something whilst in a rage.
Adam rage quitted life after failing his HSC by driving his car off a cliff.
by AdamAwesomeLegend June 04, 2008
To quit in the middle of a multiplayer fps or tps because you are angry, whining, or phailing so that you need to l2p.
n00b: /disconnect
31337: fucking rage quitter ruining our pug (pickup game)
later on forums/xfire
31337: /rag more n00b
by hatelame June 16, 2007
When your n00b ass can't deal with the idea of losing, so you quit the game. This intracate maneuver is usually performed by little 12 year olds that play with girl avatars because they can't get nothing else.
Dude 1: "Tommy just ragequit right in the middle of a raid"
Dude 2: "wdf."
by N3CR0MANC3R December 31, 2010
A guild in Rohan Online's Ahkma server that is known for their hacking and botting in the game. Their name is ironic because after they have been killed and owned over and over again, they get really really mad and quit. Then they come back the next day, get owned, get made, and leave again.
You have killed DirtyD of RageQuit.
You have killed CampStaffI of RageQuit.
You have killed Achilles of RageQuit.

*DEAD*DirtyD: u n00bz! i hatez j00! I WANNA KEEL YOOOUUU!

DirtyD has logged off.
CampStaffI has logged off.
Achilles has logged off.

Total RageQuit. Total Pwnage.
by StillCantBeatMe July 13, 2008
when you're playing FH and you get shot off your rideable wolf for by a hacker with an aimbot. even with the smell-dar he shoots you from across the map!

you quit out of anger
jumjum: f u haxxors, stop sniping me off my wolf. RAGEQUIT!
by The_Yoos November 13, 2007
RageQuit are one of the most feared and revered factions of Perfect World International's Lost City Server. Participating in Territory Wars every weekend under the guide of the (RQ) leader, Mystic (IGN: Pandora). RageQuit are notoriuos for causing people to literally ragequit the game or server.
PWI Member in World Chat: RQ suck!
RageQuit MemberA in World Chat: Stop QQing cause we beat you, Go RageQuit!
RageQuit MemberB in Guild Chat: That could be taken more ways than one lolz
RageQuit MemberA in Guild Chat: lol I know, he should /rq
by Tenrei February 08, 2009
Getting so angry on a video game that you turn off the game, and smash both your controller and punch your screen.
"Stop killing me!"
"Sounds like you're gonna rage quit man."
*turns off game and breaks screen and controller*
by THE INTARWEBZ December 22, 2014

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