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Those alternative songs you always seem to hear on the radio no matter when or where yoou are!
the following songs are just a few radio regulars that have played throughout the 90's and now:

the verve pipe- Freshman
Oasis- Wonderwall
Red Hot Chili Peppers- Californication, Under the Bridge, Scar Tissue
The Wallflowers- One Headlight, Breakfast at Tiffany's
Violent Femmes- Blister In The Sun
Blind Melon- No Rain
The Offspring- Keep 'Em Seperated
Various "the cure" songs (i.e. friday i'm in love, tainted love, i'll stop the world..)
The Police- Roxanne
Billy Idol- White Wedding..

plus more, you know
by [\]()3l_^/\l1 July 25, 2006
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