RADCORE (pronounced 'rad'-'kOr)- noun. A style of rock and roll music rooted in PUNK ROCK but reflecting the lifestyle associated with totally rad beach bum party animals, and being predominantly demonstrated by the Florida band BOMBSHELL LUST. origin: 2009. synonyms: Beach Punk. antonyms: pop rock.
Bombshell Lust plays music that sounds like fast catchy punk rock, but because the subject matter of the songs involves surfing, babes, and partying on the beach- the band should actually be described as RADCORE!
#beach punk #beach rock #sunshine punk #bombshell lust #pop rock
by Mikey Shmikey April 11, 2010
Someone awesome or rad.
They totally own everyone else.
Love myspace.
Hate Xanga.
Listen to Atreyu, Slipknot and Alexisonfire.
Just plain rad.
MAN! That Rosie chick is so fucking RADCORE! I love her!!! <3
#hardcore #radcore #awesome #atreyu #rad
by jakhsdkjaghdjahgs September 03, 2007
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