A metal bunk bed used in millitary barracks, or often in jails.
This term is used by marines, or correctional officers.
Correctional Officer: All inmates get on your racks for count and prepare for chow!
by Gsxrkidd November 05, 2010
Rack is both a noun and a verb. It is slang for Cocaine.
"Hey man, have you got any rack"
"nah mate, its all gone, i just racked it all up"
by backindauk October 19, 2006
to steal something, to take something that is not yours, australian slang similar to gank.
also other australian slang synonyms are: hike, hitch
"where did you rack those kicks from?"

"i racked some good loot yestarday"

"i need to rack me a dress for the ball(prom)"
by pro hiker July 25, 2009
RACK risk aware consensual kink
It knowing the risks you take in certain BDSM play. RACK
by Mistress Debi September 20, 2013
Noun. The impressive antlers of a mature white tail buck. Loosely speaking ten points or higher possess racks.
I couldn't stop my hand from shaking as the ten point with the amazing rack strutted near my tree stand.
by Blackholelight January 11, 2014
This is a bit of regional English that just might be confined in time and place to Berea, Ohio, 1960s; everywhere else they were called greasers. The boys had slicked back hair, wore a black leather jacket, a white dress shirt, often starched, and tight, tight, fairly high waisted black pants. The shoes were inevitably Regals, pointy-toed dress oxfords with patent leather just at the toe tip. Girls ratted their hair, which was often bleached, wore white lipstick, lots of eyeliner, sometimes with blue eye shadow. A popular blouse was purple satin with horizontal ribbing ("coffin silk"), worn with a tight knee-length or just above black skirt. Sheer nylons were de rigeur. Sometimes white canvas tennis shoes completed the look, often kitten heels did. They smoked. The guys worked on hot rods. A lot of them came from a wroking class neighborhood near the railroad tracks and off of Front Street.

Other groups were "Collegiates" (pronounced "C'llegiate") and "Surfers". There were nascent hippie and artsy cadres, but they didn't have a specific name I can remember.
"Did you see Dan's dating Regina? What's he doing dating a rack?"

"Ma! Some racks jumped me on the way home from school!"
by Bereoid June 24, 2013
slang term for a rather larger pair of woman's breasts that men usually stare at
Wow, look at her, she's got a nice rack!
by Cockaloockle March 17, 2005
A slang word for skateboard
Dude, go grab your rack and we'll hit up the skatepark.
by Fran [RMME1] March 16, 2010

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