1.) A slang term used to tell somone to set up billiard balls for playing.

2.) The frist words said by many southern babies. Thought to be caused by the combination of Jack Daniels and having sex on a pool table at the time of conception.
1.) Hey Mike wanna play a game of eight ball?

Mike: Sure go ahead and rack em.

2.) "rack em"

Mother: hear that Cletus? Little bubba jus speaked his first words.
by Wolf89 July 03, 2006
Top Definition
the greatest phrase know to mankind, used to show appreciation
Bob-"I just got us two tickets to the yankee game."
Joe-"Rack em"
by Giants8189 May 11, 2005
1. Phrase meaning "let's imbibe these alcoholic beverages rapidly."
2. A drunken utterance
3. to rack: to strike with force
Well, we just purchased a keg of Troeg's Hop Back Amber Ale. Let's rack 'em!
by Bartleby the Scrivenahhh February 24, 2009
1. To give an origional opinion or statement that clearly makes a spot-on point.

2. An exclamation point to a well thought out statement!

3. A signature one uses to make a statement.

Sports talk show host "Jim Rome" and caller:

Caller: "OJ got off but He'll be locked up for burglary or kidnapping in 20 minutes."

Jim Rome: "Classic response, You got to rack that guy!, Rackem'."

by Mo in ER September 19, 2007
To put the balls in starting order in pool (billiards).
"I could fuckin' stomp you in pool."
"Alrighty then, shark, put some money on the table, grab ya cue and rack'em, bitch."
by TehPope September 11, 2005
Same as Giver or Git'er Done

(to party loudly, be boisterous, cause ruckus).
We picked up 2 two-fours and plan to Rackem' large tonight.
by Scrabbies October 12, 2007
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