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1. A complete goob who likes to eat poop and fornicate with unicorns.
2. A majestic creature with a gold horn,flaming tail,the lower body of a horse, and whose sole duty on earth is to protect earth from people like Matthew Jaleiba and to be Pedro Caballero's personal maid and cook.
3. A somewhat swell gal
4. She got that ignorant dump truck booty.
5. A name, if chosen are 50% more likely to be a shemale. An not just a shemale, but one with an enormous penis.
1. "mannnnnnn fuckkk you seee rachel bruh ?" "hellllll yeah that ass lookin fatta then a swamp possum with the mumps."
2. "Mannn I was camping an i just saw a the fabled Rachel Ullman."
3. "I took Rachel Ullman back the bedroom, and she whipped out a dick TWICE my size."
by I keeps the pimp hand strong June 04, 2011
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