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When a member of a particular race, usually a caucasion female, willingly develops a relationship with a member of a different race, usually an African-American male.
My sister is dating a black guy. She's a total race trader.
by Calvin Hobbes September 12, 2006
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An act of betraying an own race by being racist to any other race or just a races, making their race look bad, like making people think that they are the better race, turning other races and even some of their own race agenest them.

This does, alot of the time, offen may turn people of the other race agenst that race, because they may think they are all going to be racist to them also. Sometimes even their own race agenst them because they simpily don't like racist acting and think it's unfair or something like that.
Wow those white people over there are going around making fun of blacks, mexicans, chinese, and asian people, they are total race traders. Now alot of people won't even come near us cuz they think we're the same way. Totally unfair!!
by Sexy Sexy78 January 21, 2010

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