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An imaginary balloon attached to all people who make racist, discriminatory, or stereotypical comments; or those who just mix up racism with personal qualms in order to garner political support and unleash the horde of sensationalist media pack-dogs on you, regardless of how true the claims might be or how racist the person who the comments or accusations are directed towards.

For every "bs", racist, stereotypical, or discriminatory comment such a person makes, the imaginary race balloon fills up yet a little more until your balloon is filled up with so much greed, false pride, deceit, immaturity, and selfishness that you are lifted away forevermore to new heights of stupidity, conceit, and self-hate.

Saying somebody has their balloon tied down means they are able to keep their racist or discriminatory comments to a minimum
María: Johnny why do you always have to be such a racist

Johnny: yeah, well, your always stereotyping us American white guys.

Lisa: both of your race balloons are so filled up so much right now that your going to have be tied down!

Johnny: What about your race balloon, Lisa?

Lisa: Yeah, I know I´m racist but I tied myself down long ago.
by legalpwn July 29, 2009
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