Random ass chick
RAC: Hey girl.....wats up??

You: Who is dis RAC cumin up 2 me lyk she kno me??
by Q-Sta!nky August 17, 2009
An abbreviation commonly used in North Jersey to represent someone who usually has infected piercings, is very pale, and has curly hair. No one is sure what the letters truly stand for, or where the term originated from.
*girl with infected piercings walk by*
Anne- "WOAH. Her belly button looks infected!"
James- "What a R.A.C"
by ya knooooooooow (: June 09, 2010
Short for Random Acts of Kindness
"Honey, get ready for school, I made you a sandwich"
"Aww mom! Nice RAC!!!"

"So to lighten your load of homework tonight, I'm only making you do problems 3 through 7"
"Wow. That is a really, really nice RAC. Like, that might the nicest RAC i've ever seen in person."
by Adam J. from the 314 January 08, 2009
Another word for radical
Used By Surfers, Or Just Us. . .
"Yeah Dude! Those Waves Were Totally Rac!"
by Liv n chess April 26, 2006
A place where you rent shit. Or rent to own. You pay more to rent the shit than you do to own the shit. Just put the shit on lay-a-way.
Come on by to RAC. We have dell lap tops that you can rent.
by #1 with a gun March 30, 2006
the Ritalin Anti-Christ. A crazy gothic construction worker from Baltimore.
Das RAC is drunk down at orpheus again...
by mark March 26, 2004

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