Acronym: Road-To-Hell

1- Satanist people, who have one way ticket to hell, use R2H just before die.

2- Text on a T-Shirt.

3- MSN Personal message.
Revox: Kelly, listen.
Kelly: ..?
Revox: Look, I have only 3 days left to R2H.
Kelly: Allright then, i'll have a non-stop satanic sex with you till your R2H.
Revox: Thanx.

and a baphomet as a background image on the t-shirt.

3- REVOLTER || R2H: Road To Hell
by revolter00 July 04, 2006
Top Definition
Acronym for Rune 2-hander which is short for Runite Two-Handed Sword. It is the strongest weapon possible in the free version of RuneScape. It is the most valuable and most sought after weapon in the game because of it's unmatchable strength, however you cannot wield a shield while using it.
Selling r2h!!!!!!!1 Press 123 to buy!!!!111
by BradyChan7 March 25, 2004
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