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To be so good at "ripping" or "hitting" a bong that you get high before most people!
Me: I am high.
Not Me: No you're not!
Me: Yeah, I am.
Not me: No, you're NOT!
Me: Dude, I fucking R.I.P Bongs! Fuck you!
Not me: Shit, my bad...
Me: Nah, it is cool...
Not me: Why the acronym "R.I.P"?
Me: Well, Not me, it is because the acronym "R.I.P" means "Rest In Peace".
Not me: So?
Me: So? So? So I get high and then "Rest In Peace", because I am already so high.
Not me: What does R.I.P have to do with smoking?
Me: Because I get so high I can't move, as if I were dead.
by gonad_grinder777 March 17, 2014
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