what channel one news is calling "retard" now because it is "offensive to the mentally ill". is a complete joke and no1 takes it seriously. our school is now making us pledge not to ever say it again, so now every1 uses it just as often but call it wetard or durrtard instead.
person with a mental disease: you know what, the r-word really offends me. you shouldn't say that.

normal person: LMFAO!!! stfu u stupid retard!!
by pooooooop11 April 02, 2009
Top Definition
Special Olympics' preferred euphemism for retard or retarded.

Alternative insults such as special or mental have become synonymous with the forbidden words. Ironically, some trace the etymology of "special" to Special Olympics. Also, some trace the etymology of "mental" to mentally retarded. The campaign to erase "retard" has only shifted the same meaning to new insults.

Special Olympics is right. The n-word has completely displaced the original word in civil society. Perhaps the r-word will completely displace its original word. Transitions from very damaging slurs to euphemisms are often necessary. However, Special Olympics is a bit naive if they think that erasing one slur will cancel out synonyms. Perhaps the campaign should also focus on the less obvious but similarly offensive alternatives.
College Student 1: Hey, did you hear about Special Olympics? They're starting a campaign to end the use of "retard" by using the "r-word".

College Student 2: Man, that's so mental.
by poorbrokegradstudent August 31, 2010
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