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Essentially a different term used to say "rofl," but with more internet credential than the root word. Rumored to be created by Maleak of the Corruption Clan, only dare use this word if you are open to sounding gay/nerdy. Join the revoltuion.
rfl @ Sweb. Your definitions are fail.
by Sweb The G February 25, 2009
16 5
an abbreviation for roomies for life
Dylan and I are totally rfl
by transformingorange April 25, 2011
10 2
Ranga For Life
when your ranga friends goes around writing "RFL" everywhere on your work
by BigBadBobb December 01, 2009
11 8
really fucking lame
guy one : "I just got hit by a fuckin car.."

guy two : "rfl."
by Ess6.9 July 08, 2010
6 4
Rat For Life

you usally call people a RFL if they dont work out or if they are ratty as hell
That kid is a RFL definatly, its also because he doesnt work out.
10 17
Rock for Life - a fundamentalist Christian organization utilizing alternative bands to promote to young people their agenda of banning all abortion, genetics, and forms of euthanasia.

See: American Life League, Bible banger, Bible basher, Flanders, whacked out, PETA
Today, members of RFL protested MTV for promoting the use of condoms.
by Adam July 30, 2003
4 22