In the time of 300A.D., Indians would kick a Coca-Cola can around their villages or trailer-parks while shouting ridiculous and sometimes racist quotes with every kick. Spaniards were amazed with this awesome game of laughter that they slaughtered all of the Indians in possesion of it and took all of the Coca-cola cans back to Spain where they claimed to have invented the game themselves! The game never really caught on till April of 2006… Now it is a world Olympic event.
"You had me at hello!" *kick the quote can*
by -Matthew- June 09, 2007
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Top Definition
similar to the game "kick the can" except u must yell a random quote as loud as you can before kicking. Often used in a trailer park in cases of extreme bordom
To be or not to be!*kicks quotecan*
by Emevol June 09, 2007

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