A roaring queef. It is usually made by fat chicks.
And then she let out this huge quoof.
by CaptainQuoof October 17, 2007
Top Definition
When a man farts (blows air) out of his penis. Like a quief, only its when a guy does it. There is no scientific proof that this can happen.. but it is fun to say.
"Dude, whats that smell?"
"Ew, did you fart?"

"Nah i just quoofed."
by AmandaMaddy May 10, 2008
What you say when you know the shot you're taking (in a game of basketball) is gonna be so wet, it sounds like a guy biting a apple. (Wet meaning "all net")
Paulo: Who wants to get shit on?
Stru: *goes and D's paulo so Stru puts his hand in his face as Paulo takes the shot*
Shot: *quoof*
by NotMattStru December 16, 2009
(1)the expulsion of air out of the penis
(2)similar to the queef
Did you hear how loud his quoof was?
by will June 01, 2004
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