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A non-scary word that 8th grade teachers use to describe tests
The Quizzicle was hard today.
by Mecat5360 November 05, 2007
a synonym used to describe a quiz, also used to make people look stupid
if a quiz is a quizzicle whats a test?
a testicle?
by bigsig January 18, 2009
a word used by 8th grade math teachers to describe a test and not scare their students
That quizzicle was hard.
by Mecat5360 November 20, 2007
A nutsack that is so miniscule, that its contents do not warrant being referred to as testicles, but rather a test's smaller counterpart.
Dude, did you see Norm's nards? Those were some quizzicles for sure!
by Scottie0417 January 12, 2009