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Socks that won't stay up (esp. when you need them to).
my legs got cold because of these damn quitter socks
by Pathei Mathos January 02, 2006
Socks that have lost elasticity so they don't stay up, and usually end up half off of your foot inside your shoe while walking around.
YOU: Slow down, I have to take off my shoe and put my sock on, it's falling off.

ME: Ah,quitter socks]?
I usually throw them out when it gets to that point.

YOU: Well, I didn't have enough money for socks because I spent all my money on weed.

ME: Got any more?

YOU: Nahh sorry dude I smoked my last bit today... I got a ball of resin and I rolled it around in weed bits. It was pathetic.

ME: Hey don't be ashamed, we've all been there!
by Hairy Henderson February 17, 2010
long stocks that won't stay up (usually because the elastic has worn out, or they are cheaply made).
It's cold out and alls I got left are these cheap quitter socks.
by Danielle Williams December 06, 2005
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