a nickname for quinn. (haha thas all i could think of)
Person: "Quinn!"
Quinnie: "It's QUINNIE YOU POOP!"
by Cici July 15, 2003
Top Definition
lets just say
if one of her legs were christmas and the other were thanksgiving we'd all want to visit her in btw the holidays!!!
one time she let that happen... with my boyfriend :( but shes so hott i couldnt get mad
by Chris January 21, 2005
Someone who will kick whoever cia magnet's ass is cause he's a fart.
Quinnie: I'm going to kick cia magnet's ass!!
by ButtKicker July 17, 2003
1) person who is very white... and jewish
2) what you call someone who is nammed Quinnie
1) Your such a quinnie
2) Hi Quinnie
by The Almighty Billy July 10, 2003
one whos arse smells extremley horrid
"wipe your ass, your begining to smell like quinnie"
by pooooooooo July 18, 2003
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