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Most badass character on the FPL.
Quietus pwns j00 in da faise.
by Bob882 January 14, 2005
6 15
the moment between life and death, where all is still and rushing from past to the very moment you pass through the light, to whatever may become of you
As i lay dying, i passed into a dream, i met quietus, i was greeted with a smile.
by Fantasioso December 13, 2003
9 5
1. satisfaction of a duty or debt.
2. rest or a release, esp. death.
"Who would bear the whips and scorns of time . . . when he himself might his quietus make with a bare bodkin?" --Hamlet
by Antinous September 12, 2003
5 3
end; cessation. The noun form of the verb/adjective quiet.
When the principal of the high school found out the football team was bulking up on steroids, he put the quietus to the practice.
by Richard Black March 18, 2005
6 5