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Spanish for "I want"
"Yo quiero Taco Bell" - I want Taco Bell.
by Joshua Haber September 05, 2003
89 31
spanish verb meaning "I want"
Yo quiero agua. (I want water.)
by Theoni September 06, 2003
50 24
1. To Want something; in spanish

2. To love, care for
1. Yo Quiero Jugo de naranja= I want Orange Juice

2. Te Quiero Mucho mamma= I love you a lot mom
by AC October 25, 2003
48 29
"I want" in spanish
Quiero una mujer = I want a woman
by David Puro Fuego September 05, 2003
28 17
The 1st person singular conjugation of the Spanish word meaning "want" or "love." Popularized by the now defunct Taco Bell dog. Although the catchphrase used to be considered "cool," now speaking these magic words will result in vigorous beatings provided by those around you.
Yo quiero Taco Bell!! (said as if a question, though its a statement)
by aybab2 September 06, 2003
24 22