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A chilling spot under a deck, where commonly weed is smoked in a circle.
Hey bud lets blaze in the quiddle tonight
by Q-shit shack member April 19, 2007
15 6
One who is large in the comunity both structurally and politically. They are the only people who have the right to dole out the squidy treats.
He is the Quiddles of that town Osomosho.
by Revolution of the Jeeblots June 07, 2006
2 2
It basically means; Super happy, peachy-keen, knifty, to the max, squared times 50.

Which means it's super cool, you're super good. Or everything is just wonderful. :D
"Damn, I'm just super quiddle today!"
by PrayForDreams September 20, 2009
1 6
fake slang meaning to fondle
yo, yo, shawty...shawty, you need to be 'quiddled'
by big b of da east May 05, 2008
1 6
bitch, ho,someone you hate or dislike
Dude Mrs.Smith is a quiddle!
by tbirdizzle July 20, 2006
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