The legendary art of sniping someone with ultimate swag and skill as well as MLG level
Y'all are going to get rekt by my quickscopes
by Sniparrrzz July 15, 2014
When you beat your dick off inside your pants for awhile until you are about to explode. At the point of blowing your load, you whip out your dick (your primary weapon) and proceed to dispense your white, translucent warm ammo on your victim!
Oh my god! i just quick scoped that cougar on the subway!
by James A. Mick January 14, 2012
To check out an attractive person without them catching you doing it.
yo you should quick scope that ho's ass but don't let her see you doing that shit.
by FirstPersonSkeeter81 January 30, 2012
The act of using mouthwash to freshen breath; usually used to cover up smoking or consuming alcohol.
*two guys smoking*
Guy 1: Yo dude, you think our breath will stink?
Guy 2: Yeah dawg, let's go Quick Scope" in a minute.
by BulgariaMeat August 04, 2011
When a sniper rifle is unzoomed and you zoom in the same time you kill someone... used in video games like Cs
I'm going long A... OMG LONG RANG QUICK SCOPE.. i am amazing."
by Kevinsss August 06, 2007
It was first used in PC games such as CS you console faggot.
See me quick scope two of those terrorist.
by PC>Consoles July 28, 2010
A Quick scope was born from the Call Of Duty and Halo franchises. The idea is to pull in your scope and shoot at the moment you see your crosshairs. this can be useful in combat because a skilled player may be able to pull this off and get accurate, one-shot kills. This is normally for show and is not the best way to play unless you want to impress others by making videos or compilations. is a great place to find these montages and skill in Quickscoping.
xXLegi1tSnipeZz x tried to knife me but i Quick Scoped him and got a one shot kill. stupid nooblet.
by BlackBird RaZe June 19, 2010

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