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A mixture between the words queer and queefnugget. Having about the same meaning as queefnugget, this word has been used to describe many people, including Chris Crocker, Marilyn Manson, and Tron Guy.
"Man, Corey is such a queernugget."
by Spaph June 26, 2008
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the biggest queers ever, that always order chicken nuggets and eat there chicken nuggets in the gayest way ever. therefore are called queer nuggets
"look at that queer nugget over there, he is eating his chicken nuggets like its the last one in the world, dude ftw!"
by DILLON IS PISSED August 25, 2008
someone who is gay or jewish. these people usually are low grade and often annoy or piss people off in a big way
dammit i told u to stop calling me you queer nugget!!!!!!!!! motherfuckers!
by jessica March 06, 2004

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