The cereal that starts your day off right- homosexually!
After I finish this bowl of queerios, I'm off to have some vigorous anal sex!
by Matt "Bawdy Wet Nurse" Orazem September 29, 2005
Top Definition
the breakfast of gays.
"Queerios; they're more than good; THEY'RE GAY!!"
by emsie eN-dizzlee February 08, 2006
Someone that you have an urge to throw cheerios at. There are many types of queerios, and for each one you want to throw a different type of cheerio at.
"That_queerio! We should throw cheerios_at_her!!!!!!!!"
by I<3sailormoon666 March 06, 2006
How to say goodbye to a homosexual British guy
Queerio, see you next time at Big Ben's!
by ScottyG4 August 26, 2007
synonym for queer.
1.A strange, or not normal person
2.A rounded out term for gay, lesbian, bisexual, ect.
1. Wow that new guy is a queerio.
2. Dave, im pretty sure thats a queerio bar.
by Mel-bell February 24, 2009
eating cheerios while getting a blowjob from another man
i walke in on my dad and another dude eating some queerios tis morning. it was fucking disgusting. i shoved the spoon so far up my dads ass that it came out of his mouth and then i repeated that untill he started beating me with the paddle so i stopped and killed myseflf because i saw my dad get some queerios
by ready4penetration July 19, 2010
homosexuals, specifically the characters in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
"It's Queerios! Just add milk and they eat each other!"
by anonymous230568 October 06, 2008
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