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The cereal that starts your day off right- homosexually!
After I finish this bowl of queerios, I'm off to have some vigorous anal sex!
by Matt "Bawdy Wet Nurse" Orazem September 29, 2005
27 17
the breakfast of gays.
"Queerios; they're more than good; THEY'RE GAY!!"
by emsie eN-dizzlee February 08, 2006
64 28
Someone that you have an urge to throw cheerios at. There are many types of queerios, and for each one you want to throw a different type of cheerio at.
"That_queerio! We should throw cheerios_at_her!!!!!!!!"
by I<3sailormoon666 March 06, 2006
27 16
How to say goodbye to a homosexual British guy
Queerio, see you next time at Big Ben's!
by ScottyG4 August 26, 2007
12 4
synonym for queer.
1.A strange, or not normal person
2.A rounded out term for gay, lesbian, bisexual, ect.
1. Wow that new guy is a queerio.
2. Dave, im pretty sure thats a queerio bar.
by Mel-bell February 24, 2009
8 4
eating cheerios while getting a blowjob from another man
i walke in on my dad and another dude eating some queerios tis morning. it was fucking disgusting. i shoved the spoon so far up my dads ass that it came out of his mouth and then i repeated that untill he started beating me with the paddle so i stopped and killed myseflf because i saw my dad get some queerios
by ready4penetration July 19, 2010
10 7
homosexuals, specifically the characters in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
"It's Queerios! Just add milk and they eat each other!"
by anonymous230568 October 06, 2008
5 4