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An admission of one's own homosexuality.
Tyrone: Bro, I just dropped the queer bomb on my parents. They are taking it pretty bad.
Johnny: That sucks.
by Joey Orgler 3 August 05, 2008
A person who is commonly known for being having no life; Someone who is gay.
Just look at that queerbomb all by himself over there.
by tot sow April 23, 2011
A person of heightened level of fagotry, stemming well beyond the normal Stage 1 to Stage 3 classification of queers. Also, can be used as a joking greeting to a friend.
Man, that dude Glen is a queer bomb. He stands there trying to touch everyone's jimmy jank in the locker room.

Yo, queer bomb. Your mom told me to tell you to pick her up from my house.
by Thep1rate July 09, 2006
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