queen of bitchs
stop being such a queen b
by sparky November 29, 2003
Top Definition
head of a girls circle of friends
she is so the queen b, look at all the girls follow her.
by rider April 12, 2003
A True Fashionista,One That Doesnt Follow Trends&Doesnt Care Wat People Think Of How She's Dressed..Open Minded.
"Look At That Girl With The Baggy Jeans&Cut Off Tank Top With Sneakers,AND She Has On Makeup,Is She Gay?"

"Naaah,U Close Minded Fool,She's Just A Queen B. (Fashionista)
by Queen B.Herself. October 12, 2008
Superior or highest being amongest a following order of ratass bar-ho's and bitches.
Well, she just thinks she is QueenB of fuckbed don't she? (A way of saying the woman sleeps with all the men she can, too. LOL)
by Dana Hawn January 18, 2004
They run shit! Baddest & the best! ride or die together group of girls! Love to fight & party hard! Up for anything, always act at the spur of the moment! never will let another queen down!
Pimpette , Queen B , Queen Bitch , QB
by diamondsareforever69898858 June 27, 2009
female group wannabes located in the east midlands of ENGLAND. They attend the school: Fullhurst C.C.
"im better then you, and we aint all the same"
by saaminder patel April 22, 2005
Lil' Kim herself; The Queen of all whores.
Man, Queen B can fit a sprite bottle in her mouth
by kokenjr January 07, 2005

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