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a fag or a homo used to make fun of someone
you are a fuckin queemo get outta my face
by Kala September 24, 2004
15 20
(adjective) pertaining to the words emo and queer; describes a queer emo; or extremely queer or extremely emo
His actions made him seem really queemo.
by Angel Thomas May 16, 2008
21 9
A term used to define emo kids. Most people who use this word usually hate emo kids. The user may be hinting that this person is queer (as in gay).
"Hey did you see Jonny's new hair?"

"YA!Ew! It's totally queemo!"
by smex April 26, 2006
21 18
a blending of the words "queen" and "emo"; used to describe an emo boy who is also a huge queen
Damn, did you see that YouTube blog? That boy is queemo like a motherfucker.
by Tlove September 12, 2007
2 14