the act of queefing during a frightened or nervous state; in most cases a queef accompanied by simultaneous quivering.
adam - "Heather, did you just rip one?"

Heather - "No Adam, girs don't fart. That was

a queefer. They happen sometimes when I get nurvous."

Heather sat queefering after realizing that she was being followed by a pack of wild angry mongeese.
by smelter February 04, 2010
Top Definition
One who queefs. A Queef is a pussy fart created through conscience control of the vaginal muscles.
She wrapped her legs around my face and then pronounced that she was Queen LaQueefer and proceeded to queef the loudest and most disguisting smelling pussy fart that I have ever heard and smelled.
by Anonymous November 07, 2003
one who queefs
queef; an expulsion of rancid air from the vaginal cavity, causing a 'fart'-like sound.
by feederboy March 31, 2003
The vaginal fart, also known as the queef, vart or pussy fart
the first time I heard a heard a queefer I laughed my ass off. the chick was mortified.
by Anonymous December 18, 2002
Slang for a bitchs pussy, one that usually queefs alot
Bitch, get your queefer off me!
by ryder69 August 30, 2012
queefer, air explosion between the leggs
an explosion in a fat womans canyon cunt
by genosbird November 11, 2003
one who queefs a lot!
when a girl quifs she is ready for some sex!
by Anonymous June 13, 2003
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