A word used when playing King's cards beer drinking game and that person gets hammered and puts two words in one as in Quang, Queen and Hang.
Guy 1: Okay lets rhyme Bang!
Guy 2: Dang!
Guy 3: Chang
Me: Quang!!!
by Tru-Six-1-Fo January 30, 2011
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a sexy beast. owns everybody else in counter-strike. nobody can handle him in bed, he is just a monster.
Man i wish i was a quang
by Andrew September 09, 2004
An Asian name that can replace nearly anything.
1.Merry Quangsmas!
2.I just Quanged that chick last night.
3.What the Quang?
4.My Quang hurts.
by Steven Samuels December 20, 2008
an absolute pimp who gets all the bitches
girl 1: omg that guys hoooot
girl 2: yeh, thats quang, hes pimping
by quang23 March 28, 2012
A term for an alcoholic beverage.
Fancy a quang tonight?
Nah, I've got a quangover from last night
by plastic_eggs December 20, 2013
Means more POWERFUL than love.

(SLANG) can be used in many different ways relating to love and/or sex in some cases. Can also refer to the genatalia.
1)Me and my girlfriend are so in quang!


3)I quanged some bitch last night!

4)I'm so in quang!

5.)I gotta get me some quang dude!

6.)You're such a huge quang sometimes!

by Quangmeiser. March 10, 2009
a situation in which a person has to buy lunch for a group of friends the day after he or she puked from too much drinking.
You quanged last night. BITCH. thanks for lunch.
by lanye February 23, 2011
A male name of Vietnamese origin. It means 'clear'.

A cuddly chocoholic that requires plenty of TLC to thrive.

You would give your right arm and favourite plushie just to have his smile.
My Quang is better than your Quang ^_^
by Pummeluff March 21, 2007

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