to ultimately insult someone.
dude you just got QUADRANINED, bitch.
by Ian Racoma August 09, 2003
Top Definition
1. (v.) To insult another with tremendous prowess. 2. (v.) To inflict upon an enemy the highest possible damage in the Final Fantasy video game series. 3. (n.) The aforementioned highest possible damage, which is 9999 (thus, "quadranine").
JOHN (to Susan): Damn, girl, you look fizzine as a mizzuthafizzucka!
SUSAN (in response): Don't be thinkin' that you's gonna be gettin' none of dis shiyat, boy!
TYRELL (a bystander): Damn, you've just been QUADRANINED!!
by Paulito Calientico August 22, 2003

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