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1. Someone who wears glasses.

2. Someone who literally has four eyes. (If that's the case, then they/you should see a doctor)
"Did he get glasses over the summer?"
"Yeah! He's a Quadclops now! Hahaha"
by Eh, you know September 18, 2011
n. 1.A commonly formed organism, especially a person characterized of wearing a pair of glasses and is always expected to perform better in academic institutions than anyone else.

2. May literally refer to a creature possessing 4 eyes.
The quadclops aced all the tests again.
by William Dexter April 16, 2010
N. a very intelligent smiley who has deformities, he has four eyes, likes to look through your window when you sleep, go on long walks down the beach and.... hes emo. fun.

you'll love 'em.
:+:+)=::) THE. quadclops.
by heyashley February 07, 2010