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The best burger ever created. think of the number of patties as bases. you know.
kerr sucks at eating the quad stacker because she just cant handle its extreme size
by Mrs. Fetters September 29, 2006
when a woman's shirt doesn't fit right and it looks like she has two sets of boobs, one set on top of the other.
Lauren: Wow, I don't think this shirt fits right.
Katie: You’re damn right it doesn’t! It gives you quad stackers!
by Kate Heals September 01, 2008
The Quadstacker is a term referring to the winning of 4 events, specifically in track and field. The term is coined by the Grand Island NY Track team after an athlete won 4 events. The term is held in high esteem with such as The "Grandslam", "Triple Crown", or "3-Peat". Also called simply the Quad, or Quadstack
Athlete 1- Dude I sw You win today!
athlete 2- Yeah i completed the quadstack!

"Hes quite the quadstacker! he mauled Kenmore today!"
by girunner2011 May 19, 2010
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