QSL is actually shorthand for "confirmation of contact" in amateur radio, brought over from morse code. Since the 11 meter band, aka CB, used to once be a ham band, I imagine truckers picked up QSL from the hams. Also refers to a card amateur radio operators exchange to confirm contacts, used in contesting.
Please QSL, I'm getting bored of the wallpaper.
by a pseudonym April 06, 2004
Top Definition
Trucker slang for "confirmed".
Man 1: drscience is a bitchmade cracka.

Man 2: QSL.
by IBC Squirrel June 19, 2003
Quick squirt Liquid
variation of bhL (Burning Hot Liquid) where the diarrhea is violent enough that it sprays out so quickly that the owner doesn't feel the burning hot sensation that normally accompanies bhL.
Oh, man that was so awesome. I ran in there and gave that bowl a QsL and outta there in about 10 seconds. No time for bhL. Hint: if you feel it coming, hold it for a few seconds, then give it a major thrust. You won't feel the burn of the hot Liquid, dude.
by fckhole April 05, 2010
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